Who We Are:

we are the distribuor of Growth-Boom products from https://profkissinger.com and Leaders in the growth supplement industry providing an all natural, safe and EFFECTIVE solution to stimulate your body’s natural ability to grow taller.  We started our legacy out of the GrowTaller Labs where our scientists found the key to growth enhancement, changing the health industry forever. 

We Each Have a Story:

And ours began like many other legacies of excellence do.  Our team consisted of a group of professionals who shared a similar vision and wanted to use their well-established backgrounds in the field of biological health and wellness to have a bigger impact on the supplement industry.  We all left our cushy labs and converged around this new idea of growth enhancement because we believed we could truly make a difference and our sacrifices paled in comparison to the revolutionizing effect of  Supplements.  We did what we had to do to bring Growth Boom to you because it works!  

Simply nothing else can compare to this nutrient packed punch of wholesome ingredients that encourage your body to reach its untapped, full height potential.  Imagine the possibilities!  We did.  And that’s why we worked tirelessly through deafening hot summers in our lab for six straight months until we uncovered the perfect combination of exactly what your body needs to grow taller.

What We Offer

Your Satisfaction is Our Achievement

In order to meet our own standards of excellence, we could only provide the highest quality product for our customers.  High quality requires intense examination and as such, rest-assured that Growth Boom Pro products have been thoroughly and exhaustively tested through experiments, reviews and with consumer feedback.  You talked.  We listened, learned and applied your feedback to make an even more superior product.  We confidently present the  perfected formula that has been years in the making.  
Growth Boom Pro is derived from 100% natural products that are mostly plant-based.  The  methods of production are also environmentally friendly and completed amidst only the highest standard of working conditions.  We simply don’t believe in producing and selling a health product whose roots are based in unhealthy practices. Both the methods and ingredients are derived with the health and safety of you and our environment in mind.   This is our pledge to you.  

Then Our Big BOOM!

Our steadfast efforts to maximize efficacy of our resources proved successful when we experienced an impressive profit growth for three years, proving that the  hard work had indeed led to an effective Growth-Boom Pro product that consumers couldn’t get enough of.  We have satisfied customers all around the globe touting what this product has done for them.  Now it’s time for you to see what it can do for you!  Only effective products can experience this type of consumer expansion, don’t miss out on what people all over the world already know.

Growth-Boom Pro 
Holds itself to the highest standards of ethical practices creating products that are high in quality and care for the purposes of enhancing your health and quality of life.

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