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Is Growth-Boom safe?

Yes..  As with any product on the market, you should always read the label carefully for any potential allergies you may have.  Growth – Boom Pro clearly labels all ingredients on our products to ensure safe consumption.  We stand by our promise that this is the safest supplement for height enhancement you can buy and our dedicated team of researchers  concluded that there are no harmful side effects.  This is an all natural product that taps into your body’s own, natural growth mechanism.  

What effect does it have on my body?

In our pituitary gland is where the magic happens.  And by “magic” we mean SCIENCE!  The Growth-Boom derived formula is designed to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce an increased amount of growth hormone.  This influx of the key hormone for growth, in turn leads to cartilage regeneration.  That extra growth of cartilage is distributed between your vertebrae, creating greater length between the discs leading to bone growth.

Ok, let’s Re-cap:
Growth-Boom Pro formula enters your system  stimulates pituitary  gland produces more growth hormone  more growth hormone generates more cartilage  more cartilage supports  the discs in your vertebrae  more bone grows in response to increase in cartilage  YOU GROW TALLER!

I had heard growth after a certain age was impossible?  Is it?

The reality is we are unfortunately told a lot of things that place limits on our potential.  Lucky for you, our experts at  Prof. Kissinger  Labs refused to accept the status quo on this one.  Our specialized formula is designed to take the body’s natural point of growth to the next level by providing key nutrients to your endocrine system making the impossible very possible.  

I thought height was determined by genetics, is there any hope for me?

We’ll have you looking like the milkman’s son in no time.  Genetics determine our predisposition to certain traits, however they by no means dictate what is and what will never be.  With a little help from our nutrient packed formula, those genetic limitations will be a thing of the past.  Becoming the person your family looks up to will be your future.

Is the formula complicated to take?

It doesn’t get any easier. . .

Step 1:  Take the dosage amount of Growth-Boom as indicated on the packet
Step 2:  Take with water
Step 3: Drink, yum, grow!

Are there additional supplements I should be taking?

Growth-Boom Pro  doesn’t need additional support to be effective.  However, you should feel free to continue any other vitamin regimen you are on currently in conjunction with Growth Boom Pro.  Overall your metabolism will experience a jump-start similar to when you were younger and your body will go through growth spurts again.  Kiss the tailor goodbye! 

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