Hello Sir,

This is my result from Growth Boom Basic Kit and The advanced Kit that i have taken one after another. I am so thankful to you that i have gained 15cm from the two kits  in total.  I can't express how happy i am with my results. Thank you for all help you had done for me.

Marian Lacoste
Age: 29
Brillian / Philippines


Here is my grow taller review on Growth Boom Pro :

It really sucks to be short - I remember all of those times back in school (and even after that), when my head would become an armrest for my friends.  Yeah, okay, thatís only grimace-worthy, and hardly the worst of it.  True, small is cute and diminutive and all of that, and I can even shop in the kids section if I so please . . . but the major inconveniences of not being able to reach things and fearing for my safety in dark alleys at night is hardly worth this advantage at all.  I have never had any dreams of becoming a professional basketball player or anything that would require any extreme height, but it would be nice to think of reaching that box of raisin bran on my own on the top shelf in the grocery store as something more than a delusional fantasy.  ďCute and tinyĒ might sound endearing to some, but in reality itís as much of an inconvenience as it is patronizing.

Okay, so Iím 37 now and I had assumed long back that Iíd not grow any more at all.  Not a happy fact, but I became resigned to being 4í10Ē all of my life, and had tried to make peace with this.  Then I found out about Growth Boom Pro  last year while searching for solutions on the internet, and thought that I should at least give it a try because I was sick to death of not being able to reach anything on the upper shelves of the kitchen cupboards in my house.  I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical and didnít order it right away.  But then I thought that it might still be worth a try - so I did, and six months later I can happily say that Iím now 5í2Ē.  You know those growing pains that you felt when you were a kid? Yeah, I started feeling those not long after starting to use Growth Boom Pro, and while I was a bit shocked that it was actually working, it was definitely a welcome feeling.  Iím still using this wonderful product, and probably will only stop when I reach a nice average height of 5í8Ē - given the results Iíve had so far, I recon this will happen sometime within the next year or so. Iím definitely amazed so far, and while I had my doubts Iím glad to say that Growth Boom Pro exceeded the meagre expectations that I had of it.

I do have to give you one warning regarding this stuff though - be very careful about keeping Growth Boom Pro out of the reach of your kids.  My six-year-old found it on the kitchen counter one day when I wasnít looking, and thought it would be funny to give it to the pet chihuahua that we adopted a couple of years back.  While Iím personally pleased with the results that Iíve had on myself using Growth Boom Pro, Iím quite happy that my cute little lap dog hasnít grown to the size of a beagle.  Barring that, I have no reservations in recommending Growth Boom Pro for its miraculous effects, and will happily say that if youíve ever felt that youíre too small, you should give it a shot.  It really works.

Alex. Horvitz
Age: 37



I just bought your product the advanced kit 5 months ago, and it just need take once a day, so it help me not forget. It is good so far ... I am actually growing taller from 5ft to 5ft4  i will update when i get more high.  My money spent well. I am happy. 


Jame Basario
Manila / Philippines
Age: 26


Hello Mr. Kissinger,

I bought Growth Boom Pro Maxplus Kit  for my son  who is 17 years old and he has been taking over four months and seems like he  has grown at least 4 inches taller. I love the pills. Only thing some of the pills are so big, can i break it into 2 pieces ?

Tracey John


Dear Sir / Madam,

I have got your product ( maxplus kit)  4 months ago. It was my last hope of investing a grow taller product since i have spent lots of money on other products without result.  I grow 10cm from your product . I hope the result is permanent. I have made a blog for my results and once i grow to my final height, i will let you know.

Louis Thomas S.
Age: 28


Hi There,

My son has been taking your product for 6 months now. It is great product. My son was one of the shortest in his class. Now, he is the same height as his friends. It has boosted his confidence tremendously. He is 18 years old and his bones were fused. how is that possible your product still works for him ?

Muid Lim


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