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Hello Dr. Ivan Portman,

Greetings  to you from Brazil.
i have been taking  Growth Boom Advanced Kit for 8 months now and i am happy to say that i have gained 4 inches in my body height  at my age 27.
You have helped me all the way of taking the product to reach my dream height. I was just 5'2 before i  have taken the Growth Boom kit and i am now 5ft6.  I still need 3 more inches that  i am sure i can gain it by taking one more box of Growth Boom pro.  You have saved me from surgery and this product has changed my psychology . I feel happy and peaceful  more important is i feel completely a new person with confidence everywhere i go.  Growth Boom took  all of my  worries off my shoulders that i was not aware that much burden on me actually was from my short height. As if i carried  the worry on my shoulders every second wherever i go.  Thank you and God Bless you All..

Pedro L.
27 years old from Brazil


Okay. Here’s the thing. Some of us have been short all our lives, right? Been picked on for being shorter than the other kids or people, and it just never stops. Especially when you remain as short as I have for the past ten years. Now, most would think that being 5’2” tall is not such a big deal, but I make a big deal out of it because it’s ridiculous how often a short college student gets picked on for their height. You have the morons who go out and get drunk on the weekends, only to come back hours later and harass you until you threaten to call the police on them. Then, you have the ignoramuses. The people who make fun of your height and ignoring the fact that, one, it hurts your feelings, and two, that they’re only three inches taller than myself.

It is infuriating to have to deal with those people day in and day out. So, one day I was walking along the campus grounds of my college, when one guy came up to me and asked if I would like to be his girlfriend. Now, me being the hopeful nerd girl that I am, immediately said yes. Boy, was I a fool for that. As soon as I said yes, he burst out laughing and said to me “If you REALLY want to date me, then you’d best grow a half foot, you dwarf!” to which he and his friends walked off talking about how badly I was fooled. At that point I was heartbroken and mad, how could someone be so cruel?

At that point I decided it was time to go and figure out a way I could possibly grow at least a few inches in height. I tried everything I could possibly think of. From a healthy diet to working out in the gym. All that did for me was make me lose a few pounds (Not really a bad thing) and gain some muscle mass. Except... The muscle mass made me look even MORE like a dwarf. I was on my last limb looking for a solution, when one of my closest friends, and the biggest supporter I’ve ever had to help me reach my goals, suggested I look up a growth supplement titled Growth Boom Pro.

So, later that evening I decided to go and look it up, and to my surprise it was relatively inexpensive, had amazing reviews for it, and not to mention it seemed to really work. Me being me, I ordered a maxplus kit supply. The day the order arrived, I opened the box and put all of it in my cabinet of personal items, only using it as per the directions on the bottles.

Now, here I am 9 months later, having grown nine inches taller and all the happier for it. I no longer get picked on by the drunkards or the ignoramuses, and the jerk who said he would never date someone short? He hasn’t found a date in those three years because of how he treated me. For those of you who really want to grow taller than you are, use Growth Boom Pro. It works 100% like it should.

AGE : 26 NOW
USA / Illinois



I have gained 5 inches from max-plus kit. May i have discount with my next order ?

Odilia Sirri
Age: 31  / Malaysia


Hello Doctor,

I visited your clinic in Russia on 28 October 2018  i have had a chance to meet Mr. Kissinger and his techniques have made me a new man.  He checked me throughout and got me an xray then recommended growth Boom pro maxplus kit along with some simple exercises. I have grown 7 inches taller since then.  This product is so powerful and i could go under an operation of limb lengthening  if it did not work for me.  I got also chance to see how Growth Boom Pro is manufactured. I can say that  is a difficult process needs lots of science an raw materials.  A doctor at the manufacturing plant  told me that  they may stop manufacturing Growth Boom Pro in 2020 because of high costs of manufacturing and scarcity of the raw materials,  is that true ?  You should make it available worldwide , please don't let this wonderful product vanish in the history.  People start to know this wonderful product just recently. I saw a documentary on a Russian Tv about it . Thank you.

Anri Paci
Age: 29 / Albania


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